Summertime on Plum Island – Time for Renewal

It’s been quite a long while since my last post. It was certainly a chilling winter.  A surge of storms brought significant loss of homes, properties, and of the Plum Island coastline.  I don’t have to write about the bad news; if you are interested in what happened, all you have to do is search online for “Plum Island storm damage” and you’ll find it.  As a resident, it became difficult to publicly chronicle such devastation but just like the sun rising every day, nature and people alike begin to heal and rebuild.

The New England summer has been a hot one. July temperatures have reached upper 90’s sending flocks of people to Plum Island’s beaches to cool off. Tourists fill the local restaurants. Vacationers in search of a memory just have to look to the sky each evening as the glorious sun sets to the west over the great marsh, and to the north for bedazzling fireworks from neighboring Salisbury Beach each Saturday night.

It’s a low key vibe on Plum Island.  Eclectic and laid back, Plum Island offers people looking for not-your-typical “Cape” like destination.  Strolling on the beach is a favorite past time. And this year the sand bar just north of the center beach is back.  At low tide, meander out there and feel like you’re walking on water!

As the dog days of summer continue on and August brings September, the island continues it’s renewal and readies itself for the next season of change.  Come discover Plum Island, if only for a day and see what I mean.

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