2010 already a year of drama

2010 already a year of drama

5 months have already passed and in that time, there’s been a lot of drama on Plum Island.  The near-hurricane force storm in late February caused significant erosion south of the center island groin. Over 50 feet of sand and dunes were lost, threatening several homes on Annapolis Way, including Bennett Hill — the highest point on the island.  27 Annapolis remains condemned, it’s former occupants still wondering what to do as the home’s foundation sits at the precipise of the eroded dune.

And in May, a life lost when 8 tourists from the Lynn area decided to spend what should have been a beautiful afternoon at the beach.  Picnicking at the northern part of the island on the Merrimack, these twenty-something year-olds were not aware of the changing tides and currents that are experienced at the mouth of the river.  Swept off a sandbar on an incoming tide, 7 were rescued, 1 woman lost.

What can be predicted for the remaining part of the year? If only to have a crystal ball.  Or perhaps better not to know. I do believe that while bad things can happen, wonderful moments are experienced much more frequently. This is why I choose to live here on Plum Island.

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