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A barrier island off the northern coast of Massachusetts

Plum Island Provisions Now Open

Plum Island Provisions Now Open

There’s a new convenience store on the island… Plum Island Provisions. Located at 29 Plum Island Boulevard, the former location of Dick’s Variety, has gotten not only a face lift, but revised it’s format. In the overhaul, the newly refurbished interior has added a full kitchen, serving made-to-order hot sandwiches, subs, pizza, seafood, salads and more. The added bonus? They deliver! Opening just before the Labor Day weekend, the ‘provisions’ are a bit limited. Islanders who were regulars of Dick’s Variety will find the smaller shelf space offers much less than previously, but still a convenient place to pick up staples such as bread, milk and cold beverages. Plum Island Provisions is open 7 days a week from 7am – 9pm and can be reached at 978-465-0324. Stop by and check them...

Volunteers Needed to Shovel Out “Candy Cane” Vents

The Newburyport side of Plum Island has been experiencing significant sewer and water problems this winter. The sewer system is a vacuum system and homes have an outside ‘candy cane’ shaped vent. The unpredecented snow fall this winter, combined with the number of vacation homes, has meant many of these vents remain covered by feet of snow. Plum Island is calling for volunteers to help with shoveling out many of these buried vents. Anyone interested in assisting, please meet at the Plum Island Taxpayers Association (PITA) Hall, located at 8 Plum Island Turnpike, Newbury, today at...
Winter 2015: Better Known as “Snowmagedon”

Winter 2015: Better Known as “Snowmagedon”

Winter 2015 has been…. well, in my opinion, it’s been INSANE! On the heels of one of the worst storms this season, Plum Island is still reeling from the snow accumulation, the frigid temperatures, the damaging winds. To date, over 7 feet of snow has fallen in the area within the last three weeks, 16″ just in this last blizzard. Our neighborhood has seen snow drifts/snow piles of over 8 feet, with more to come. Over the Valentine’s Day-President’s Day weekend, the island was victim to white-out conditions. Plum Island Turnpike was closed and with visibility near zero, local police and public workers guided residents safely on and off the island. And the weather-related challenges didn’t end there. With an already complex and sensitive sewage system, unforeseeable snow accumulations buried many resident’s “candy cane” sewage vents causing system failure on Northern Boulevard and neighboring streets. Many homes and residents are advised to refrain from using water and sewer until the problems are resolved. Snow plowing and removal has been challenging, heavily taxing exhausted public workers such that the City of Newburyport called in assistance from New York. Where to put it all? That’s the real challenge. Perhaps pile it on the beach to create a natural sea wall of ice and snow. As weary residents come up for air and adjust to this new “normal”, many of us sit on edge dreading the weatherman’s forthcoming forecast. Can we handle more? Sometimes, questions like these aren’t left to choice. Hardy Plum Islanders will just deal with whatever nature throws their...

Plum Island Beach Clean Up Scheduled for May 24

With spring’s arrival, it’s time to get the beach cleaned up and ready for the summer beachgoers. Come lend a hand at the Plum Island Beach Center on Saturday May 24th from 9-12. Bring a garbage bag for easier pickup and don’t forget to bring a...

Summertime on Plum Island – Time for Renewal

It’s been quite a long while since my last post. It was certainly a chilling winter.  A surge of storms brought significant loss of homes, properties, and of the Plum Island coastline.  I don’t have to write about the bad news; if you are interested in what happened, all you have to do is search online for “Plum Island storm damage” and you’ll find it.  As a resident, it became difficult to publicly chronicle such devastation but just like the sun rising every day, nature and people alike begin to heal and rebuild. The New England summer has been a hot one. July temperatures have reached upper 90’s sending flocks of people to Plum Island’s beaches to cool off. Tourists fill the local restaurants. Vacationers in search of a memory just have to look to the sky each evening as the glorious sun sets to the west over the great marsh, and to the north for bedazzling fireworks from neighboring Salisbury Beach each Saturday night. It’s a low key vibe on Plum Island.  Eclectic and laid back, Plum Island offers people looking for not-your-typical “Cape” like destination.  Strolling on the beach is a favorite past time. And this year the sand bar just north of the center beach is back.  At low tide, meander out there and feel like you’re walking on water! As the dog days of summer continue on and August brings September, the island continues it’s renewal and readies itself for the next season of change.  Come discover Plum Island, if only for a day and see what I...

Blizzard ‘Nemo’ Hammers Plum Island

The blizzard of 2013, aka ‘Storm Nemo’ blanketed the greater Boston area with over two feet of snow. Plum Island, barely recouping from Hurricane Sandy, which eroded beach dunes so significantly as to put 4 homes on Annapolis Way in danger of falling into the ocean, got hit again hard. Astronomically high tides this morning sent 15′ waves crashing on shore and had no mercy on the beach, continuing to erode the sand and dunes from center beach south. Boston Globe posted pictures on its Facebook page of some of the damaged...

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